Diagnosis and Recovery

My initial diagnosis for HSV2 virus was 10 years ago. At first, I thought it was acne as this is what it looked like. After a period of less than a week, there was a cluster of lesion around my genital area and this became frightening for me. I called my family doctor and got an appointment. I cannot forget this day because as I was standing there, he examined my groin and said ‘this looks like herpes’. My heart sunk and I started feeling like I was loosing my breath.

What I did not understand is how the doctor was calm and he had just spoken the worst words I have ever heard in my life. He said that he had seen similar cases and they most turned out to be herpes and that herpes was just a minor distraction. I said I could not understand because I was married and our marriage was a faithful union. He said he had heard a lot of similar stories and explained that though I was faithful, it was not a guarantee that my partner was. The test came out positive and I now faced the difficult part of letting my wife know but I had time because she was out of town.

The funny sad story is that when she came back, I told her I had something to say and she said she also had something and I let her go first. She told me she had been seeing someone and she wanted out. I was angry and relieved at the same time because I now knew where the infection came from. I had nothing much to say apart from letting her know that she needed to get tested for herpes because I just tested positive.

It’s been ten years now, I am divorced, I accepted my fate and surprisingly, the happier I got, the less frequent the outbreaks got. Herpes might be a bad infection to get but living happily is possible. Keep in mind that it is an infection which can be well managed and treated.