Herpes is not the end of the world

After receiving the news that I had herpes, I fell into depression and thought about my life, my boyfriend and my family. For some reason, I thought HSV2 was a matter of life and death but I was so wrong. The first lesson I learnt is that the people around you and how they react to the news is more important than your own reaction. Keep in mind that you still will be loved and you deserve to be loved.

My sister and cousins were supportive enough to get me through the stage of accepting I have herpes. I might have lost a few friends and my mom could not believe that I had herpes at only 19. I made decisions that I am not proud of and thought that herpes and STDs were infections I could not get. I must have contracted the infection in one of the many parties I attended and ended up in bed with random people.

That part of my life is behind me but herpes came to my new life with me. You can not tell that I am infected by just looking at me. You will have to get my blood and test it to believe that I am infected. This simply means that herpes is not the end of the world and you can still go on with your life just like you are not infected only that you will need to be careful not to infect other people.