I love my life

As I sit to write this, I cannot help but say how much I love mu life. Just a few months ago, I had my first out break at the age of 22 and to say it was devastating is an understatement. At the time, I was visiting my grandmother and there was no way I could show her that I was in pain. The discomfort, the pain and confusion made everything worse and I could not help but lock myself in the guestroom and cry.

My grandmother, being a retired counselor, approached me and I explained everything. She took me to see her doctor and as I waited patiently for the results, I had nothing close to HSV2 in mind. The news broke me down further but my grandma was there to take me through the pain and heartache. I know most people might be thinking that I was a promiscuous person at my age but the shocking truth is that I was a virgin till I was 22 and it is in this same year that I got infected.

I confronted the guy who I had lost my virginity to but he said that I had got it from somewhere else and up to this day, I just can’t tell if he was the one who gave me HV2. Anyway, my grandmother extended my visit and she counseled me through the acceptance stage and I can look around and all I see is a beautiful life and a bright future a head of me.